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Learn to build smart, compliance-friendly marketing and communications programs in a digital world.

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I believe that RIAs can take advantage of FinTech and FinMar solutions and strategies to connect and engage clients, prospects and internal teams to grow their firms. As the industry faces continued disruption and increasing competition for comprehensive wealth management services, RIAs can grow their marketing and communications to compete with wirehouse firms to attract and service next-generation clients.

By leveraging Smart Communications, RIAs can not only enter the digital age but prosper in it. Smart Communications is an intelligent balance of strategy, tactics, resources and expertise that when effectively utilized, advance business objectives and demonstrates a clear ROI.

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We continue to see the rise of FinTech and FinMar software providers promising to deliver a wide range of marketing solutions including social media management, content curation, archiving, customer relationship management, marketing automation and more. These solutions have the power to add a lot of value to firms looking to enter the digital age but these technologies need to be combined with experienced insight, visionary strategy, and human intelligence.

In this white paper, I cover:

  • RIA marketing strategies
  • The power of investor profiles
  • Compliance considerations
  • Popular financial marketing solutions
  • Content development strategies
  • Tips to build client and prospect campaigns
  • Marketing automation and personalization
  • Advisor Engagement and Training

I wrote this white paper as an introduction to digital marketing for RIA owners, founders, managers and senior advisors. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments once you’ve had the chance to review it. I promise to respond. Me. Craig Hall and not one of my team members.

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