Do You Have a Love Affair with Your Firm?

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Great marketing is built upon an obsessive, perhaps irrational passion for the mission of the business or brand Last month, my family and I spent a week in the Thousand Islands in a house we rented on Round Island just down the Saint Lawrence River from Alexandria Bay. Across the shipping channel in Alexandria Bay

Is Your Focus on AUM Ruining Your Marketing?

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We get so focused on AUM that we become blind to what it takes to achieve our growth objectives The average firm saw 9.2% annual growth between 2011 and 2015, with 75% coming from client referrals [RIA Benchmark Report, Schwab (2016)]. Firm owners, founders, partners and managers face extreme pressure to continue year-over-year growth but

What We Can Learn from Tesla’s Innovation Mindset

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To truly delight a customer, you’ve got to break convention and create a new experience altogether I drove a Tesla (TSLA) Model X the other day and it exceeded my expectations in ways that I had never anticipated. They changed the driving experience. Let me say that again: They changed the driving experience. Sitting in