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Imagine sitting down with a colleague to brainstorm ideas that will inspire growth in your marketing efforts. Each month I will share strategies, insights, and tips that you can act upon to shape the future direction of your firm’s marketing and communications program. The information shared in my newsletter is only available to newsletter subscribers, and it’s free.

With what feels like unlimited options to communication with clients and prospects, how do you know where to spend your time, money and resources? Every month, I will share marketing tips, insights, and lessons from my work in higher education, healthcare, financial services, supply chain, technology and startups. The exchange of ideas, strategies and best practices from a variety of industries will help you build a marketing program that is uniquely designed to meet the needs of your firm.

I am really behind this newsletter. There is no Ghost Written content here and if you hit reply you will get me and I do respond. That’s right. Me. Craig Hall.

I discuss a range of topics covering execution strategy, planning, scheduling, distribution, community engagement, analytics, project management, virtual teams, and more. I believe in a blended approach that leverages both online and offline communication channels to service existing clients and attract new ones.

The goal each month is to give you something that you can use to improve the way you communicate with clients and prospects.

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